cryptarithmetic SoLuTiOn For CrYpTs by (M.R Kartheek & Bhanu Chander)


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PROB 1PROB 2PROB 3PROB 4PROB 5PROB 6PROB 7MUL 8mul 9 mul 9 mul 11 mul 12 mul 1314th mul15th17TH 16TH 18TH19TH 20TH21


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  1. yash.bhanu says:

    cryptarithmetic multiplication puzzles

  2. yash.bhanu says:

    cryptarithmetic multiplication questions u can find in this site :) any dought just give a comment

  3. prem khurana says:

    osm work .

  4. prem khurana says:

    could you please tell me the book from which you have chosen these problems and i have one more problem of type BIT*EGO= _ _ _ _ _( i don`t remember the next part ) if u have the question please share.

  5. Sukumar Behera says:

    Awesome Work…………

  6. Do tell the solution of BIT * EGO

  7. Kartheek.Bhanu says:

    Will keep soon .. Mr shefali

  8. for some problems solution is not there like 16 15..i have solved it but have some little problem

  9. dog * go=486 * 68
    run *to=241*87
    these are correct or not?plz tell me if anyone knows.. :)

  10. INN*AT=466*38








  11. RED*AS=246*15

  12. Manish Pandey says:

    nice work:)

  13. great job dude…. :-)

  14. Can u please tell me how to solve these type of questions. My mail id is

  15. can anyone tell the easy way to crack them..

  16. simply saying awesome puzzles n solutions!!!!

  17. i am a beginner and unable to understand could u pls assist me

  18. I am a beginner could u plz snd me any tricks or links to””

  19. Kushal Saraf says:

    Solution of 2nd last problem–
    BBC*TV is



    9 9 7
    * 3 5
    4 9 8 5
    2 9 9 1 *
    3 4 8 9 5

  20. plz help me i’m totally new to this topic ,so i want some basic notes about cryptarithematic notes…..thnx in advance

  21. plz help me i’m also new to this topic ,so i want some basic notes about cryptarithematic notes…..thnx in advance

  22. DEEPAK THAKUR says:

    I N N 4 6 6
    A T 3 8
    ————- ————-
    A O R T 3 7 2 8
    B A L T 1 3 9 8
    —————– ——————-
    B O O S T 1 7 7 0 8
    —————— —————-

    (I N N)*T=AORT……. (4 6 6)*8=3 7 2 8
    (I N N)*A=BALT………(4 6 6)*3=1 3 9 8

  23. someone plz explain me the RED * AS problem plzzz.

  24. can any1 tell me solution of …….

  25. can any one tell me the tricks,i am a beginner.
    how to justify the value of letter.

  26. plz reply me ……….fast????

  27. A P R
    * O C T
    P U R A
    R O J R
    R E C U
    R A A J A A

    can anyone solve this plzz..

  28. D S P
    L I E
    S P S S
    P E T A
    P O D E
    P N E D A S

    is there anybody who can solve this and please if can do it then also share how 2 solve..!!

  29. hari priya says:

    really .. its awesome … i’m searching this for one week at last i got this link from facebook . u did great work . now i completely learned about crypt arithmetic. thank you so much …

  30. can u explain this ……


  31. how much time should one take to solve these question(s) in elitmus in order to have good time management…???
    for me it takes 15mins or so
    do you think it’s very slow?? or should i just leave this type of questions???

  32. Can u please tell me how to solve these type of questions. My mail id is

  33. Hi please share how to solve these.

  34. Hi please share how to solve these problem

  35. somashekar s says:

    hi please can you help to solve the problen if you have solutions please mailto

  36. what would be the solution for DIG x IN = IGOPN ?

  37. Is there any specific book for cryptarithmatic questions?? Kindly suggest me, bcz i find it difficult 2 study and undrstand online.

  38. Pravata Ranjan Dash says:

    in the multiplication problem 2…how will u know that U=6 and Y=4…….please tell me… written….[[second multiple (W H Y ) * U = (O Y P Y)

    So, The number for U = 6 and Y is (2 , 4) Lets take the value of Y is 4 and replace it in figure.]]

  39. Tanmay Rudra says:

    If WORLD + TRADE = CENTER then C+E+N+T+E+R = ?

  40. I am beginer . please let me know crypto arithmatic tricks,,,

  41. pls tell the trick behind this….

  42. how to solve these problems?can u help?

  43. GAURAV RAJ says:

    A G E
    * O A T
    S O A R
    H O G
    G O T O
    G E C O I R

    Answer is

  44. Thankuuuuuuu So much :) U made it simple :) ur blog rocks (Y)

  45. MAD * BE=AMID plz send me ans

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